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Medieval Math Battle Gold

3 usd

Medieval Math Battle Gold - all the fun of Medieval Math Battle, but with no in-app purchasing, all operators are unlocked, plus earn twice the gold after every battle.--------------------
Learning math facts has never been so dangerous! Use your brain and brawn to defeat dragons, goblins, trolls, and many other treacherous beasts. The faster you answer, the stronger your attack. Knowledge is power!
Features:X. Absolutely no in-app purchasesX. Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication unlockedX. More gold earned per battleX. Math problems increase in difficulty as your child improvesX. Report card feature that displays fact masteryX. Daily bonus for 15 minutes of practiceX. Fun way to memorize math factsX. Medieval world of battles and villainsX. Attack enemies with math and potionsX. Customize your characterX. Turn-based battle mechanic
"Way better than flashcards!" - Ethan, 11
Medieval Math Battle is an educational game appropriate for all elementary aged kids. With addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to choose from, the game is helpful throughout all the elementary school years (and maybe even middle school, too!).
Medieval Math Battle is…
For Kids:Learning multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition can be fun! Medieval Math battle is an epic turn based battle game where you’ll have to answer as quickly as you can to defeat all sorts of fantastical bad guys. As an added bonus, you’ll get really fast at math facts, making math class a breeze. And the best part is, your parents and teachers will actually want you to play!
For Teachers: Are you an elementary school teacher with an iPad or two in your classroom? Then show your students Medieval Math Battle - a safe, engaging, and educational math fact app that learns your students current ability level and challenges them to improve. Want them to practice math facts as homework? Remind them to download Medieval Math Battle on home devices, and tell them to play for homework tonight! Take a break from flashcards and worksheets - and have your students play Medieval Math Battle - the game kids agree is the best (and most fun) educational math game!
For Parents: Memorizing math facts, for many children, can be overwhelming and frustrating. Medieval Math Battle uses an educational system that learns your child’s current ability level and challenges them to improve, so children don’t have to feel overwhelmed or frustrated. And when learning math facts becomes the only way to save a medieval kingdom from bad guys, your child will be engaged, excited, and will step-up to the challenge. Give your kids an opportunity to build confidence (and have fun) with math!